With experience in all aspects of software product development, and on project sizes from solo to hundreds, I love diving into what makes teams and products great.

People * Process * Product

  • Skilled at identifying, growing and nurturing talent, establishing and improving process and culture
  • Pioneer in automation, DevOps, cloud infrastructure, eCommerce and digital delivery
  • Experience growing and running teams serving millions of users
  • Skilled at design and architecture techniques, scalability, security, simplifying the complex, finding the fun
  • Public speaker, clear written communications, published author, multiple patents

Things I know to be true:

  • People are generally bad at math, and intuition often fails us
  • Measuring is better than estimating
  • All working complex systems started as simple working systems
  • The best development quality and speed occurs when the work is small enough to fit in one persons head
  • Every development methodology and architecture is the result of compensating for when work can’t fit in one head due to challenges with project size, complexity, continuity or competency
  • Changes in methodology and architecture are sometimes like diets: They appear to work at first primarily because more attention is being paid. It is the attention that matters most, not the structure. You can make anything work with enough attention and effort, but is that effort and attention being put in the right place?