Gun control

  1. As a society work to recognize that a lot of us have been convinced that marketing tactics are truth (i.e. lied to) and it has not served them well. The idea that a “good guy with a gun” is the only thing stopping at bad guy with a gun is laughably, provably, false.
  2. Have reasonable regulations that outline that a gun is a serious tool and should be treated as such and not as a lifestyle accessory. This means a minimum level of training and licensing of owners, liability insurance, licening of guns, renewal periods of all these things. It means holding manufacturers accountable for their product designs and marketing messages. We do all of this for cars.
  3. Create incentives to reduce the number of guns in circulation. Buybacks etc.
  4. Have national red flag laws that make it possible to temporarily sieze the guns of anyone deemed a threat to themselves or others until it can be determined whether the threat is real. This will save many lives.
  5. Remove laws that prevent the collection of data on gun violence and injuries so that we have more information and can see if there are patterns that would inform further steps that can be taken to further reduce risk to innocent people.
  6. Make mental health coverage better covered by private as well as government insurance and see what other steps can be taken to ensure more people have timely access to help.
  7. Look at laws in other countries that prevent coverage of mass shootings that glorify the shooter in the eyes of other individuals susceptible to that sort of thinking. Learn.